Jean-Luc Cyr
October 02, 2023


This is my personal web page. You'll find some facts about me and some informations about my past and current work and fields of interest.
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Welcome on my personal web page.

I'm Jean-Luc Cyr, Eng. M.App.Sc, PhD student.

I'm a french canadian from Quebec, computer engineer (but mostly working on software), teacher (lecturer at my local university), independant worker, ADN Informatique a father of two, and a lot of other things

You can reach me thru LinkedIn profile.

Interests : Too many \([-\infty, +\infty]\), among them \(\subset\) computer programming, open source software in education, teaching, music (guitar), hicking/camping, dogs, horses, \(\infty\)

Academic background

I've an ecklectic academic background. I've started software programming classes in college but finally do pre universitary classes in science. I've next started a bachelor degree in software engineering but after two years was in need of a break, not wanting to stop studied i've enrolled in an Ethics and religious culture teaching degree. After doing internship in high school classes, I decide to finish my engineering degree. With thoses two diplomas, I start working but soon I miss learning and I engage in an engineering master degree. First in an image compression without loss research, but change in my work and lost of founding make me put that project on hold. After few years, I came back to it with a new project in web site protection systems and get my degree. Still missing learning I'm now engaged in an PhD. in engineering.

So now I've \(\sum\) B.Ès.A. in teaching, Bachelor Es Art M.Es.A.(Teaching Ethics and religious culture teaching)
Université du Québec à Chicoutimi
B.Eng. in computer enginnering, Bachelor in Engineering B.Eng. (Computer)
Université du Québec à Chicoutimi
M.App.Sc. in engineering (web security), Master in Applied Science M.A.Sc. (Engineering)
Research profil with dissertation
Université du Québec à Chicoutimi
and I'm a Ph.D. Student in Engineering. Philosophiae Doctorate Ph.D. (Engineering)
Université du Québec à Chicoutimi

Master studies

My dissertation is available here

Doctorate studies

More details

Work experiences

I've worked in industrial software, Groupe Conseil GRAF
medical imaging, Les systèmes médicaux IMAGEM
high performance web infrastructure, Réseau Contact / Canoë Inc
Québécor Media QMI
teaching lab infrastructure and software manager, Université du Québec à Chicoutimi
as lecturer, Université du Québec à Chicoutimi
and independant Worker. ADN Informatique

My current field of study is the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) deep learning to improve simulation of industrial process


I'm a lecturer at my local university since 2009. I've teached a lot of differents classes thru the years. Subjects are mostly in software engineering but also in ethics.

General courses Software engineering courses

I also supervised some students final bachelor degree projects. (6GIN440 et 6GIN445)

Interviews and publications

L'Ordre des ingénieur mis sous tutelle*
Entrevue à la première chaine chicoutimi 2016-07-07 (MP3)
Entrevue à la première chaine abbitibbi 2016-07-07 (MP3)
Le rapport de la commission Charboneau*
Entrevue à la première chaine chicoutimi 2015-11-26 (MP3)

*Thoses interviews are in french

Other stuff (interests, hobbies, ...)

Jean-Luc Cyr
Updated October 02, 2023